Post from FZ200 fans show disappointment in the FZ1000

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I am not disappointed, I was surprised

Your title just doesn't sound right. The FZ200 is arguably the best non-50X superzoom camera available today, so it's kind of weird to hear disappointment from those who already have what's considered as the best!

But then, you are 100% correct. No matter how good the FZ200 is, it could be better. It could remember some settings like focus size, bracketing, or the fact that you're using the self-timer. It could have separate remote control and microphone jacks. It could provide a standard 3.5mm microphone jack instead of 2.5mm. It could have a rubberized viewfinder. It could use a control ring around the lens. It could produce better OOC JPEGs like the FZ150. It could slice bread, but it doesn't. It looks like the FZ1000 might address many of these and more, so I can see the point.

But for most, the FZ200 primarily suffers from its pinhead sensor and limited reach. It's been two years since the FZ200's arrival and we've already seen one expected refresh cycle come and go and are on the verge of seeing a repeat. Many have been patiently awaiting the FZ200 upgrade to a 1/1.7" sensor as the next logical step for the FZ, a move that many hoped would make the "FZ250" a truly do-it-all long-reach camera. And the 1/1.7" sensor should offer improved croppability if the lens couldn't get any longer. (Personally, I believe that the 1/1.7" sensor coupled with the FZ does not currently provide enough of an improvement to merit the change in form factor.)

To read that the FZ jumped up to a 1" sensor could only mean that any FZ200 IQ issues and possibly its limited reach finally all in the past! Wow, a 1" sensor to go along with all the other improvements, well that would seem to finally solve any/all issues that the FZ200 might have. OK, so we don't have a constant f/2.8 - well the improved sensor can help with that. And we don't quite have the reach - well no problem, we can crop! And it's an FZ so we can also throw a teleconverter out front! It'll be a super FZ200! Aw crap, there are no adapter tube threads. And there are questions about whether DFD would work with one. Yes, disappointment.

On the bright side, the FZ1000 is hopefully just the first in a line of 1" FZ models that will eventually "reach" the needs of birders as well. Let's hope the FZ1000 idoes not become the next FZ50 "jack of all trades" that gets ignored for several years. And lets double down that we don't see both the FZ200 and FZ1000 left untouched.

But for now, let's be happy that the FZ50 stalwarts finally get a chance to play - even if that means FZ200 aficionados need to take their turn "riding the pine".

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You learn something new every time you press the shutter

I didn't mean to imply I was disappointed. I love my 200 and I am excited about the 1000. I just didn't expect so many previous FZ users being disappointed about the 1000 lack of reach. But it makes sense if your taking photos of birds. I am not making any judgements I just find all of our various wants and needs and what drives those interesting.

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