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Re: I think it is only one RAW image

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

markkuk wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

As far as I understand the HDR mode in K-3 only produces one RAW image and only one JPEG image.

No, in RAW mode you get one file that contains three bracketed images.

Sounds reasonable. And my tests confirms.

The combination is made in RAW mode and the output is an HDR image.

Neither the camera nor the included Digital Camera Utility can combine the images contained in the RAW HDR file into an actual HDR image. You need third-party software to do the HDR processing.

Hmmmm ... I cannot remember that anyone told me so when buying the camera and I do not think I have seen it in the manual. Hmmmm ... have to check that up.

EDIT: the manual says nothing about that. It only talks about combining images, if this is set in the settings. And that this may take time. No info regarding only combining for JPEG.

Shame on you Ricoh/Pentax. This is misleading.

Checked DCU

It is possible to separate the three raw images.

Not sure what you think is misleading. Exposure bracketing goes back quite a while now, and there's not been any instruction about that in any manual either. Only difference now is that you can get your three files essentially "zipped" into one. I would agree that it feels like something the marketing department came up with, since it seems to offer no substantial benefit to end users. It looks to me like it was just something some naive people were requesting, so they "did" it. Just so that on paper they can now say that HDR mode can produce a RAW file.

Btw, nobody has said anything about whether or not these RAW images are aligned in HDR mode. That's one possible benefit that I can see, but I do somewhat doubt that they implemented this.

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