Quattro marketing screwed up already?

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Re: I really don't care about the numbers.

L Tippett wrote:

For me numbers make no difference i really don't care.

The coming weeks and months will tell us if this new camera is a winner or not.

I'm hoping for some better low light performance and processing speed.

That will do me.

Kind regards Lea.

Hmmm . . . but do you care if almost nobody buys the cameras, so Sigma stops developing the Foveon sensors? I do.

Marketing is important . . . just in case none of you realize this. Confusing marketing causes people to NOT buy.

I am concerned. Is NOBODY else concerned for Sigma? I think you probably are . . . but you just see this as some insignificant complaining. Maybe it is. Maybe I should have never brought it up.

Sorry to have wasted everyone's time . . . if that is indeed what this is - a waste of time.

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