Learning composition with a stroller

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Learning composition with a stroller


this "idea" is running 14 months now (the age of my daughter). I have started learning photography just few months before my daughter came.
After the period that she was born I always wanted to have on each day few hours with her for two reasons
1. Allow my wife to be a bit alone at home so she can breathe a bit
2. Give me more time to attach with my daughter

During these sacred hours with my daughter a part of it was spent with my daughter sleeping in the stroller. According to the literature(parenting books) during that time is good for the parent to take care of him self and do something he likes.

My ideas was always that if I have even 30 secs I would rather do something to improve the way I photograph. At the beginning I found that the stroller was limiting me on what to shoot.. but after some days it clicked.
"If I wanted to improve to photography, I was just having a challenge in front of me" ...
"I would start shooting but as a rule each shot should have a stroller in it".

and this is me now writing this post 14 months after the idea started.

Have fun in life


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