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Re: Post from FZ200 fans show disappointment in the FZ1000

cainn24 wrote:

Maybe I'm different to most other people or something. I mean, I absolutely love birding with ~1000mm of reach. But when I'm out with my E-M5, I absolutely love birding with 600mm of reach. And even if a TC solution is unworkable for the FZ1000, I bet I will absolutely love birding with only 400mm of reach. I've certainly done it before.

Maybe it's because I really enjoy the careful stalking aspect of birding as well. It's kind of like a slow, relaxed, meditative, aware, bonding with nature, or whatever. Either that or it's just snapping away at easy targets at my local zoo/bird sanctuary, which can be all kinds of fun too.

I would agree with this.  The best of my bird photos were all taken within a 400mm equivalent range.  Less atmospheric haze, better detail, etc.

It's also about playing to the strengths and working around the weaknesses of different sorts of gear, which is another aspect of this hobby I really enjoy.

So very true.  A couple of months ago I sat down and went through 13 years of digital photography to see what I was actually shooting, what focal lengths and ISO's.   85% of everything shot was at ISO's of 400 or below, and focal lengths from 24 to 200mm.   Focal lengths longer then 400mm were less then 10%  and fewer then 300 images ever shot over ISO 1600 (out of a catalogue in excess of 10,000 images).   The keeper rate for images longer then 400mm and ISO higher then 800 were substantially less as well.   But then I grew up in photography when 200-300mm was considered long, and ISO 400 was super fast, there was no auto focus and no auto exposure.  As a result I taught myself techniques that compensated for equipment shortfalls and challenged me to improve my photographic vision.   When longer, faster lenses and automation came out, I found myself getting lazy, depending on equipment rather then skill.   My quality of photography and quantity of keepers decreased.   Now days I am going back to the older methods and find photography much more satisfying and relaxing, even meditative like.   I never worry about the shots I missed but focus on the next really good shot I will get and the end result is more satisfying results all the time.

If I was a professional bird or wildlife photographer I would make different choices, but my primary interest is in documentary and travel photo these days.  To that end, the FZ1000 looks very, very good to me and with a budding interest in video a great learning tool.  An excellent compromise.   Of course I could carry a larger format high end kit around and did for many, many years, but for me, that was more of a distraction then a benefit.   In my professional years, I shot mostly with large format and medium format, even in the field.   35mm was only a "desperation" option.   But I was much stronger and more agile in those days.  I have had several DSLR or interchangeable lens cameras and they have their place, but often again became a distraction rather then a solution, plus in later years their size and weight became even more annoying.

With the FZ150, which I still shoot with in RAW, I find that 83% again were shot at 35mm equivalent focal lengths less then 400.  Of those shot at greater focal lengths, the keeper rate drops by at least 60%.  The FZ1000 is only nominally larger and heavier then the FZ50 (one of my all time favorites) so is for me, actually an optimal balance in size, weight and ergonomics (based upon images and not yet handling).  Further, with its pixel size that is nearly 3 times the size of FZ150 pixels, and its 20.1 resolution, images shot with the FZ1000 can be cropped to the same 12.1 megapixels of the FZ150 providing an equivalent focal length of about 650mm (slightly longer) and yet also providing approx 30-40% reduced noise and improved DR due to larger pixel size even after cropping.   Further that is at F4.0 instead of at 5.2 so about ⅔ stop faster.   So I don't see myself giving up anything with the FZ1000 vs FZ150 that I have now and gaining an acceptable (to me) amount in weight and size and ergonomics that are more to my liking plus greatly improved IQ and DR.    If compared to the FZ200 with its constant F2.8 aperture, then the story changes a little, but not much.  The FZ1000 still looks like an excellent balance to fit my shooting interests and style.  I suspect there are more then just a few others like me.  Still quite a few of us old school photographers.

The video is also a part of my considerations.  Only recently started playing with video but found it has rejuvenated my photographic vision and helped to improve my still photography as well as I learn to see things in new ways.   The two disciplines are different but complementary.

Now the only challenge is how to come up with the money to buy it.  

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