Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses?

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Re: A picture is worth...

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Anders W wrote:

No that was not a different thing. I corrected your mistake before you did. You didn't recognize that I was right (until later) and instead quibbled about my use of the term "EV" when correcting your error.

You still do not get it. You "corrected" me with a wrong argument. You were talking about ISO then. Switch to daylight. ISO the same, EV different. Get it?

I already got it. You didn't.

Exposure on those charts is all over the place,

Exposure on which charts? The DPR studio scene? The DPR studio scene is shot such that two cameras should receive the same exposure (same amount of light per area unit on the sensor) at the same camera ISO provided that they both pass the ISO test reported in the "noise and noise reduction" section without problem.

switch to daylight, and you cannot make them equal or different by 2 stops.

In the low light as well as daylight studio scene, you can see the results for different exposures by setting the ISO of the different cameras accordingly, just as I did.

And you are wrong. Here, same ISO, four different exposures. Yes or No? Do not spin it this time. Unless you check the SS and the aperture, you have not compared the EVs.

Now you are confusing EV with exposure.

Of course, I meant EV, it is a few lines above, and I assume the same lighting; then exposure is determined by EV.

As already pointed out, your assumption is wrong. Andy Westlake has made this perfectly clear in forum discussions.

You (and I) have no idea how they meter.

I do, you don't. Andy Westlake has described in detail on the forum how they go about it. And they don't use the camera meter at all.

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