Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses?

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Re: A picture is worth...

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Yeah, shot noise does not matter.

Not much at base ISO, no.

Much more than EV=0.6 difference in DR.

For those interested in seeing what difference DR makes when shadows are pushed, a look at the comparison between the D800 (with excellent base-ISO DR) and the 5D3 (with so-so base-ISO DR) is instructive:

As I said, if you have an example to the contrary, please provide it.

Here, different SS (the pics on the right have slightly smaller EVs) but anyway:

#1: The 6D is worse in deep blues due to the Canon specific blue filters. The Nikons are visibly better.

The 6D may be a tad worse for signal-noise performance here, yes.

#2: Warmer tones: all FFs are better.

I don't see any difference having to do with signal-noise performance here.

#3: FF better again, even the 6D in the blue color.

There is small difference in blue just as in case #1 above.

The m43 shot is not detailed enough.

The E-M1 shot is not approrpriate for judging resolution. There has been a lot of discussion on this forum about the fact that the DPR studio scene samples for several MFT cameras are marred by shutter shock (shutter-induced blur).

You can blame the diffraction for that but the noise is also blurred.

No the noise is not blurred.

This tells me that detail extraction, and noise, in the FF cases is more aggressive.

That's not what it tells me.

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