curved sensor for RX2 is ready!

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Re: RX2 possibilities?

That's exactly the reaction I had when I read the interview with Sony tech people explaining -- back then -- why there couldn't be an ILC RX1. And surely they could make a protruding sleeve around the protruding lens element. One that would, if necessary, retract into the lens body when mounted?

Frankly, I think they were already working on the A7 but didn't want to hint at its existence lest potential RX1 customers hold off on a purchase.

edform wrote:

Dale Cotton wrote:

OK: here's a question for those who know more about optics. Back before the A7, Sony said they couldn't do an ILC RX because the 35mm lens was designed to protrude into the body cavity. Does the curved sensor thing change that constraint? If not, they might be planning a Contax G sort of concept. One RX body with a small set of primes, like 24, 35 or 50, and 90. Possibly with only one lens available at launch.

Voigtlander, among others, has been making lenses with glass hanging out behind the bayonet for decades.

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