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EPL1 is fine..

But the newer 16MP sensor found in OMD-EM5, EM10, EPM2, EPL5 is a bit better, especially at higher ISOs. My advice would be to take a good look at the OMD-EM-10 with pancake zoom. It's a beauty with integrated OVF and flash and hardly (it at all) bigger than EPL1.

I have the EPL1 but dropped it and LCD broke, so replaced it with EPL5. I am slightly worried about the build quality of latest Olympus products. Buttons falling off, paint coming off, etc.

Otherwise Oly is great, but to really improve on EPL1 you have to pick the later 16MP sensor and pass on all 12MP sensors.

Bas Hamstra

hockey guy wrote:

I have been using the EPL-1 for nearly four years. I used to shoot film with a Canon AT1 and loved it.

I chose the EPL-1 because I wanted a small high quality camera. I shoot only in JPEG. I do not want to be spending more time in front of a computer making adjustments and, in fact, I probably would not be any good at it. I confess that I am color blind! I have the VF-2 viewfinder, the original kit lens, the 45 mm Olympus, the 20 mm Panasonic, the 14-150 mm Olympus and the FL-36 R flash (which is too big for the body!)

I also own the Olympus XZ-1 (and can use the VF-2 with it as well.)

I mostly shoot while traveling, out with friends and in nature.

It has taken me a long time to get used to not having controls on the camera body as I did on my Canon. I find that I am slow to make changes on the fly. Even the XZ-1 has a dial around the lens.

So I am considering replacing the EPL-1. I am a bit torn because there is nothing wrong with the camera and I have become a bit more accustomed, gradually, to using the interface.

I am traveling in 12 days and wondering if I should replace the EPL-1 before the trip. I would need to order a replacement over the internet because there is not much in the way of local photo shops.

If I replace it, I guess I would stick with Olympus because I already have the lenses and I shoot only JPEG.

Any thoughts?

I am attaching a few relatively recent photos in case that helps.

ISO 200 15mm 0EV f/8 1/250

ISO 200 20 mm 0 EV f 1.7 1/3 (camera resting on surface, not hand-held)

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ISO 400 150 mm 0 EV f/11 1/200

ISO 200 150 mm 0 EV f5.6 1/500

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