Post from FZ200 fans show disappointment in the FZ1000

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Re: Post from FZ200 fans show disappointment in the FZ1000

phazelag wrote:

I own and love my FZ200 and I love the reach. But I find that with animals and bugs, you can never have enough reach. From the number of posts about adding a teleconverter to the FZ1000 this may not be the ideal camera for them. The post from hardcore FZ200 guys seem to show a lot of disappointment.

Maybe I'm different to most other people or something. I mean, I absolutely love birding with ~1000mm of reach. But when I'm out with my E-M5, I absolutely love birding with 600mm of reach. And even if a TC solution is unworkable for the FZ1000, I bet I will absolutely love birding with only 400mm of reach. I've certainly done it before.

Maybe it's because I really enjoy the careful stalking aspect of birding as well. It's kind of like a slow, relaxed, meditative, aware, bonding with nature, or whatever. Either that or it's just snapping away at easy targets at my local zoo/bird sanctuary, which can be all kinds of fun too.

It's also about playing to the strengths and working around the weaknesses of different sorts of gear, which is another aspect of this hobby I really enjoy.

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