Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses?

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Re: A picture is worth...

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Sergey_Green wrote:

Anders W wrote:

On the contrary, the dark tones cannot as a rule be "cleaned" without ill effects. Consider for example the hair of the girl in the example to which I link below.

This comparison is not done with equivalent settings. If you equate the total light (assuming the same scene lighting), things go back to their places. The OM-D is slightly worse, detail vs. noise, like here, here and here, and maybe has some deep shadow advantage here to the A7 only but the A7 is more detailed. The 6D beats it every single time like here (can you read the text?), even in the deep shadows. In the greens (what DXO measures), it seems to be doing OK. This is in artificial light, and of course reflects the color filters, etc.

I need to correct myself here.

I looked at the SS and the apertures again (ISO is irrelevant), and the total light is the same in the original link.

Good that you have eventually recognized that.

The EM-D beats the A7 easily, not so clear against the D800 (the Nikon shows a bit more detail) but does not beat the 6D.

Here are a few comparisons, OM-D vs. the 6D. There is same smearing in the OM-D images, like NR even compared at FULL size.

#1: The 6D has more green noise just slightly more detail (what affects the DXO measurements), the OM-D has more red noise. Overall, a draw.

#2: similar

#3: The 6D is more detailed, the noise included. Overall, the same.

#4: Same as above. I will take the 6D image any time.

#5: Detail vs. noise, FULL size. The D800 beats them all.

Where the efficiency difference is most noticeable depends on the individual sensor. For some FF sensors (e.g., A7, A7r, and D800) the efficiency difference is large at higher ISOs but small at lower. For the Canon 6D, it is the other way around. The 6D has worse DR at base ISO than the E-M1 (12.1 versus 12.7), not two EV better as would be expected if the sensors were equally efficient.

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