Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses?

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Yes, I've noted your general issues with language

They're impossible to overlook

Sergey_Green wrote:

texinwien wrote:

The reasoning that led you to equate sensor size to pixel size and pixel count. I think it's obvious for all to see, and, as Truthiness has confirmed, your interpretation of his remarks was wrong.

I meant the size of the pixels, I did not read further.

You were wrong, as you so often are.

Let me get this right - you're saying the size of the image circle plays no role in this equation?

Size of the pixels.

I'll take that as a "yes".

He's confirmed what he meant now, and it's not what you thought.

Could be. That's why you keep on repeating what I did not say.

It is so, as I said in my first reply to you. Your interpretation was off the mark, as you generally are.

"Nope" refers to your misinterpretation of Thruthiness' words.

The smaller the pixels, the better the lens must be. Generally, it is true.

It's generally true in the single, uninteresting example you gave originally, and with, all other things being held equal, but we're discussing real life and different sensor sizes here, so all other things aren't being held equal

Now, run along and find a topic that's not so far above your head, and let the adults discuss the more complex subjects.

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- sergey

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