Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses?

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Re: Very simple:

Anders W wrote:

tokumeino wrote:

It become less and less "Very simple" Hard for me to follow.

Intuitively, I'm considering that, if you can produce sensors with a particular efficiency (/mm2) for M43, then you just have to make it bigger and you'll have the same efficiency for FF. Aren't FF manufacturers aware of the technology used for smaller sensors ? Of course, this is only intuition and I don't know of quantums, and can obviously go wrong.

This is in fact a interresting debate and if you could avoid to answer to each other point by point, it could be more readable and interresting. As it, I'm afraid it come to an argue, instead.

We don't know the precise mechanisms behind the regularities shown by my analyses. But one likely reason why smaller sensors tend to be more efficient than larger is that new technology gets used for smaller sensors before they migrate to larger. Smaller sensors are produced in greater number and have shorter production cycles. Yield problems with new technologies are less pressing for smaller sensors. New production facilities with finer geometries are first used for smaller sensors. And so on.

I think the efficiency increasing techniques used on small sensors are particularly BSI and light pipes. Bothe wet designed to recover the lost efficiency due to lower fill factors, and both have over-compensated. The most surprising thing I find about your analysis is the linear correlation between sensor size and efficiency, I would have expected more of a step-wise function.

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