Quattro marketing screwed up already?

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Quattro marketing screwed up already?

In the description of the DP2 Quattro at B&H the resolution already looks very confusing.

Maximum resolution is stated as "5424 x 3616" under "Specifications" . . . but in the "Overview" there is this statement:

"The Sigma dp2 Quattro Digital Camera combines the 29MP Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor with the TRUE III image processing engine to create high quality images with an equivalent resolution of 39 megapixels due to the unique sensor design. This method uses layers of pixels to capture the color data of the red, green, and blue spectrums vertically, requiring no interpolation. This results in a sharper image with better color gradations."

This would imply that the camera doesn't use interpolation . . . yet to make a 39 megapixel image from 29 . . . or 19.6 . . . or whatever the camera is doing . . . interpolation is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. It looks like a lie. Also in the description, under "RAW Image Capture" there is this statement:

"Full 14-bit RAW images can be captured with data for every pixel included, meaning 5,424 x 3616 on the top layer, and 2,712 x 1,808 on the subsequent two pixel layers. You can also shoot with JPEG and produce images with resolutions as high as 7,680 x 3,296."

As you all probably know, the maximum resolution in JPEG mode is stated at the Sigma site as 7,680×5,120 for the 3:2 format. The resolution of 7,680 x 3,296 listed in the "RAW Image Capture" section is actually 21:9 format and 25.3 megapixels (if you calculate it) . . . but it's the first resolution listed in the specifications at the Sigma site, so I guess that's where that information came from. This is either an oversight by B&H, which needs to be corrected, or it is a mistake by Sigma. (Presumably they help their major retailers by issuing two or three descriptions that the retailers can use for their marketing purposes.) Either way, it is VERY confusing. The camera is listed as 29 megapixels (29MP Foveon X3 Quattro CMOS Image Sensor), when in reality it shoots 39 megapixel images in its highest resolution JPEG mode and only 19.6 megapixel images in raw mode (5,424×3,616). To make matters worse, they have mentioned the lower resolution middle and bottom layers, which make it look like it might somehow be even lower resolution than 19.6 megapixels.

At Adorama the camera is described like this in the main heading description:

"Sigma dp-2 Quattro Digital Point & Shoot Camera, 29MP Foveon X3 Quattro CMOS Image Sensor 19.6 Megapixel with FOVEON X3 Direct Image Sensor, Fixed 30mm f/2.8 Lens, RAW Image Capture"

There is NO mention in that "heading" of the fact that the camera shoots incredibly sharp 39 megapixel JPEG images at a resolution of 7,680×5,120 . . . one of the most important features of the camera.

Further down there IS mention of the Super High JPEG mode"

"Newly developed Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor Now featuring 39 megapixel-equivalent ultrahigh resolution"

That's followed by:

"While retaining the distinctive characteristics of its predecessors, it offers an even higher level of image quality. In addition to 30% higher resolution, the volume of image data has become lighter, and it enables much faster image processing and lower current consumption."

This statement about 30% higher image resolution might lead one to believe that the previous camera produced JPEG photos that were approximately 30 megapixels . . . but it did not.

What I'm saying is that the resolution information is going to be REALLY confusing for people, and I think Sigma should stress the 39 megapixel JPEG mode most of all, putting it in the beginning of every description . . . if the camera really makes good JPEG images at that resolution, which is what is expected. That's what we've been told it can do. Are the JPEG images "interpolated?" Sure, and Sigma should not be denying this. But if they look great, the marketing should stress that the camera makes incredibly sharp 39 megapixel JPEG images and unbelievably sharp 19.6 megapixel RAW images, from its 29 megapixel Quattro sensor.

At least they do stress the image quality and mention a variety of resolutions, including the 29 megapixel sensor, the 39 megapixel JPEG images, and the 19.6 megapixels of the raw files. Surely all this is an indicator that the camera produces a variety of image resolutions . . . though it does lots of formats too, which I think Sigma should also make sure people are aware of. Maybe they could call it a "multi-format" camera, with the ability to shoot ultra-high resolution JPEG photos with aspect ratios of 1:1, 3:4, 2:3, 16:9, and 21:9 formats.

Take a look:




Anyone got any thoughts about this?

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