Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses?

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Why "exagerated"?

photohounds wrote:

More for the OP .. The fast primes do the job nicely and produce SALEABLE work, unless you prefer exaggerated OOF effects like disappearing ears and other gimmicks.

It depends on the distance you shoot from. On the other hand, you can do "gimmicks" with camera phone if you come close enough, don't you think?

Unlike some "legendary lenses" they are sharp wide open too (yes I'm looking at you .. soft 85/1.2) .

I can name several "legendary lenses" that are very sharp wide open, even today. For example (quite a story) Nikon 180/2.8 , or Nikon 135/2 DC , or Nikon 200/4 macro , ... and so on.

Why would you think they are not sharp, or not sharp enough when wide open?

The 75 ... the 45 ... the 17 ... the 12 ... the 12-40 PRO etc, etc.
Oh . .
In low light (I could hardly see..) they perform well, too.
and trounced the tripod-bound CaNikon co-shooters.

Certain type of photography does require tripods. This is Olympus user for example, nothing short of amazing in my book,

Wanna go further?
That 42.5mm/1.2 Panasonic is a stellar performer if you actually DO need less DOF (beyond for pub bragging).

95/2.4 equivalent lens that is priced at €1509 here in Central Europe, you call it a bargain? I don't know about that one.

Someone is even making an f 0.85 42 or 45mm!

Manual lenses that are very expensive and only f/2 equivalent.

Another poster remarked on the maturity of the system comna=ret to similar cameras, I agree, it is very well developed already.
"Crop" is not really the right word, as the lenses and cameras are DESIGNED for this image size - that's why the primes deliver performance - from wide open.

Crop refers to the image size, not how the cameras and lenses are designed.

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