State of the art in upsizing algorithms?

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Re: State of the art in upsizing algorithms ?

Nicolas Robidoux wrote:

Context is everything: Mathias Rauen, the developer of the madVR video renderer, found out that it's not easy to make sigmoidization work reliably with video images. I suspect that chroma subsampling (and the use of a color space will a very loose connection to RGB), compression and the nilly willy sharpening of many DVDs gets in the way.


Would you want to do video scaling in RGB anyways, as opposed to some luma/luminance representation?

CbCr downsampling, compression errors and source sharpening represents loss of information that one cannot regain, but they should be somewhat similar to what one might expect from an out-of-camera JPEG? (most JPEG encoders employs chroma subsampling at moderate and low bitrates).

The representation used in video might be different from still-images (primaries, effective gamma, color matrixing), but these are in principle invertible (on can re-represent the signal in some other form).

I think that moving images are a lot more sensitive to aliasing than still-images, and that one can live with slightly less sharp edges as long as they don't creep randomly in this and that direction.


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