curved sensor for RX2 is ready!

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Dale Cotton Senior Member • Posts: 1,937
RX2 possibilities?

The SonyAlphaRumors site reminds us that the curved-sensor matching lens patent is for a 35 f/1.8. But, as we saw with the RX100M3, what Sony patents and what they use are two different things. While 35mm is the most popular focal length for fixed prime cameras, we've seen a few examples of 28mm being used recently. As wbill points out, the 35mm lens in the RX1 is already so well corrected that it wouldn't be that much of demonstration of the advantages of the new technology. OTOH, 28mm and wider are traditionally notorious for distortion levels.

If the first showcase for this technology is going to be an RX model, then size constraints alone would argue against a normal zoom, like 24-70 or even a portrait prime. Clearly, 35mm is the standard compromise focal length, but 28 or wider shows off the technology more.

OK: here's a question for those who know more about optics. Back before the A7, Sony said they couldn't do an ILC RX because the 35mm lens was designed to protrude into the body cavity. Does the curved sensor thing change that constraint? If not, they might be planning a Contax G sort of concept. One RX body with a small set of primes, like 24, 35 or 50, and 90. Possibly with only one lens available at launch.

Mike: I'd have to argue against microlenses, at least in the first model. That's going to take a hit on both light gathering and sharpness. My guess is they want to show off any improvements in both these areas to the maximum possible amount.

Dale Cotton wrote:

A fixed-prime RX2 is the obvious proof-of-concept for this technology. I think I read that a matching lens has already been patented. But can this technology be generalized to multiple prime focal lengths, zooms, and ILC?

Focusing even a prime lens is a matter of making slight changes in focal length, no? Does this imply that zooms as well as primes could be designed for a curved sensor?

It also suggests that third parties like Sigma and Tokina would be reluctant to offer lenses for such a specialized lens mount at least until sales reached a certain threshold. So, if Sony were to release, for example, an ILC with curved FF sensor, the only lenses you would be able to use on it in the near to mid terms would be the ones Sony released over time. And surely Sony is already over-extended in the area of lens design and production.

Or could there be an adaptor to allow use of traditional lenses? Even though the curved sensor advantage would be lost, at least the camera could then be used more generally.

maxuci wrote:

Also, the lens has to be specifically designed for the sensor, so, there will be limited application outside of fixed lens cameras.

I don't see why Sony has to change the lens design!

The way I understand it, the curvature only helps with straightening the light entering single pixels far removed from the centre.


Current leneses are designed to focus on a plane. Lenses for this need to focus on the spherical surface

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