State of the art in upsizing algorithms?

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Re: State of the art in upsizing algorithms ?

hjulenissen wrote:

Nicolas Robidoux wrote:

Note that the "original" kitchen test image used for the above examples was sharpened. Enlarging sharpened images brings up issues that are not otherwise present.

Is "sharpened" (in this context) similar to "aliased" or "non-Nyquist"? ...

All I meant was that the "kitchen" image, like other test images used by the "self-training superresolution upsampling" researchers to demo their methods, shows the haloing typical of sharpening, and that both the sharpness and haloing (and lack of noise) are not typical of an image resampled early in a raw toolchain. This makes it more difficult to judge the effectiveness of a resampling method in the use case of the original poster.

Context is everything: Mathias Rauen, the developer of the madVR video renderer, found out that it's not easy to make sigmoidization work reliably with video images. I suspect that chroma subsampling (and the use of a color space will a very loose connection to RGB), compression and the nilly willy sharpening of many DVDs gets in the way.

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