State of the art in upsizing algorithms?

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Re: Frequency domain

JimKasson wrote:

I am in general suspicious of assuming viewing distances, but, if you do that, one potential advantage of fequency domain approaches is the ability to throw the human contrast sensitivity functions into the mix.

With respect to precision, you're using Octave, right? I use Matlab, which I think is very similar. In Matlab, you have to work at it to get the code to use anything less than 64-bit floating point.


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Judging by the smoothness of the CSF, I would assume that one could do simple filter-banks (e.g. split into 3 bands using compact kernels, i.e. highly overlapping) and get those kinds of benefits while still working (a matter of semantics) in the spatial domain.

I do remember lectures on e.g. JPEG2k where the lack of frequency selectivity in transforms strikes me (as a more audio-centric guy). The same can be said for state-of-the-art image scaling: image processing seems to "like" compact filter kernels that give little frequency selectivity and little pre/post-ringing. (linear phase requirement goes without saying).


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