Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses?

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Re: Very simple:

Anders W wrote:

FF has the same noise for equivalent images only if the sensors are equally efficient. But as a rule they are not. Smaller sensors tend to be more efficient than larger. See here:

Not true. QE of newer sensors is about 53%, see sensorgen, from m43 to APS-C to FF. What you are talking about is read noise at higher ISOs (affecting mostly the deep shadows), where the current m43 sensors are better by about a stop. But for that, you need, say, f/1.4 vs. f/2.8, and the sensor would not be able to register at least 1/2 stop of that light, you get a noticeably lower resolution, etc.

What FF can do is to take non-equivalent images, as simple as that. When you must take equivalent images, there is still a resolution advantage, but there is no IS (sometimes) disadvantage and the lower DR at high ISO you mentioned, with the current sensors.

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