15mm 1.7 is much sharper than the 17mm 1.8!

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Re: ephotozine's testing is either flawed or...

micksh6 wrote:

Bhima78 wrote:

confusing. Look at their review of the Panny 14 2.5. That thing supposedly smokes the 17mm and the 15mm if you look at their arbitrary graph. Of course, if you look at other reviews for the panny 14 like lenstip, etc... you'll see that the 14mm is a good lens, though not as sharp as the 17mm. I am skeptical of ephotozine's lens reviews personally. Would rather wait for lenstip and photozone.

There is nothing wrong with their reviews. Roger Cicala also showed that 14mm lens can be very good, even better than 20mm F1.7. His results can be trusted.

The problem with 14mm F2.5 is sample variation. I think if you (like me and many other people) got this lens from eBay after it was a part of a kit with GF cameras, you are less likely to see its best performance. Not sure about chances to get a perfect 14mm F2.5 when purchasing properly, in a box, but there are some good samples. I saw very sharp pictures taken with 14mm F2.5 lens. Mine was decent but not that exemplary as other's copies.

Lenstip is OK, but they only use old 12MP sensor. Photozone is the site that can't properly test lenses. For example, if you look at their review of Pana 20mm F1.7 you'll see that they can't register difference in sharpness at various apertures. It's just too wrong and ePhotozine is much better in their tests.

Here is another review that is more consistent with what other reviewers besides ephotozine find for the 14mm 2.5... a good lens, not a stellar lens. Better than the Oly 17 2.8, but not better than the fast primes:


maybe it is sample variation and ephotozine just got a stellar one and everyone else got a normal one. I'm more inclined to take the aggregate of reviews and base it off the majority though.

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