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PhotoKhan wrote:

I liked them.

Using the full contrast spectral range is not "overcooked". These are "giving away" a lot of the highlight range of the spectrum. It may be an option but I think they would be better with higher highlights.

The last one is the only one where I feel the PP was appropriate.

The light sources in the places you photographed these, for instance, was designed to make use of that wide shadows-highlights spectrum (once the eyes adapt to the overall low light levels).

Thank you for the comment about photos. When photography is in question we all face a lot of possibilities. For this occasion I have chosen PP as you have seen. Photographing was limited mostly with the conditions in museums, where I have taken this photos. All in all, I'm glad you like them.

I dropped by your site and really liked your photography. That version of "Clair de Lune" is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever heard and the perfect complement for the images.

Thanks for visiting my site! I completely agree that version of "Clair de Lune" from my site is one of the best. The version is performed by Daniel Ho.

Your skills, taste and the mix of a creative+educated eye deserve a better equipment as far as long exposures go. A large number of them would benefit from a sturdier more rock solid base (tripod? windshield?).

I have to buy new tripod... The one I'm using I have droped into the sea few months ago and it started rusting...

I was about to suggest a great destination for your photography but then I realized you already "found" it. You must come to Lisbon again, there's a lot more waiting for your effective "view".

(Porto, on another perspective, is also an enticing photo destination.)

I would love to come back to Lisboa! I also feel that I haven't finish with it yet. Although Venice is scheduled for autumn.

All the best.

All the best for you too!

Tanti saluti,
Stevan Kordić

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