Former Rx100 owner - New Mark III or GM1? -> Travel/Street/Kids

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Former Rx100 owner - New Mark III or GM1? -> Travel/Street/Kids

Hi All -

I have read a lot of RX100 vs GM1 threads but I guess I want to ask the question again for my situation.

I had a RX100II and loved it. Used it as my only camera. Kids, travel, street etc. I have a very old DSLR 30D which i never use so have not had anything to compare the RX100 to though. However, I got some great photos with it.

I sold it recently to upgrade to the RX100 III, to get the brighter lens. Although, now I see Panasonic come out with an LX 7 successor so for a serious compact, I may get one of these 2. For same use cases.

I do however, want to really get into photography including shooting RAW and post-processing. I so far only shoot in JPEG.

I see 2 options:

- get the Sony or Pana compacts for current use cases. And then perhaps get a more serious Sony APS-C or Oly/Pana M4/3 next year to grow into it.

OR - get a GM1 now, perhaps get 1 pretty decent prime for it and 'hopefully' have it cover most of my current use cases with as good or better IQ (i would miss the tilting screen!). Then, next year, get a bigger and better handling M4/3 for again getting more into photography...OMD-10 or something...

Any thoughts? Part of me wants the GM1 for something to perhaps grown into..But, despite the bigger sensor, I am wondering if for most of my use cases, I would not see any IQ improvement unless in the darkest of lights....And that if getting a good, fast prime I would miss the zoom when travelling.

I think on writing this the answer is get the Sony or Pana compact for go anywhere/travel/parties etc...Then get a more serious camera next yr.

Thoughts appreciated.



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