Hot on the trail of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. (SX50)

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Hot on the trail of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. (SX50)

High up in the cloud covered mountains and deep in the forest where the sun hardly reaches the forest floor and no men has ever set foot lives an ape like creature.

Stretching from B.C. where this creature is know as Sasquatch and all the way down the Pacific North West into California it is more commonly known as Bigfoot. In other parts of the world it's being called The Yeti ( Russia).

From rare sightings, reports are of a very tall like creature of up to 9 feet and very hairy with a foul smelling odour.

Earlier this year a sighting was reported in Harrison Hot Springs. Curios as I am my wife and I decided to investigate this unusual sighting. ( my wife was not very keen on going, but didn't wanted me to go by myself). So we made the 45 min. car ride to Harrison Hot Springs and what better camera to take with you than the SX50.

Here is what we found out. Even as I'm writing this post I'm still getting goose bumps on my arms.

High in the cloud covered Mountains.

A small creek with only a few spots of sun on the forest floor.

Thick  forest.

I asked MIss Annie and Mrs Mouse if they had seen or heard anything about the where a bouts of the Sasquatch, as soon as I mentioned the word Sasquatch they clammed up.

Miss Annie

Mrs Mouse.

I then noticed that they both were staring at a spot behind me and a strange almost scared feeling came over me. I turned around and there was this huge foot print behind me.

I asked my wife to put her foot inside the foot print of the Sasquatch so you get an idea of how big it was.

Looking up ahead we saw more foot prints and we started to follow it through parking lots around street corners and my heart was jumping up into my throat.

Then we saw this……. we looked at each other and said what the heck is this, is this real…..

He had his own parking stall.

And then we finally saw him and I also could smell him. But is was more of a varnished smell.

Well here I am with the Sasquatch

"Just Hanging' with the Locals in Harrison Hot Springs."

When it was time to leave he said, "Don't forget to say Hi to my Twin Brother when your going out of town."

Here is my wife with this Twin Brother.

Your comments please. What do you think is this True, Fiction,Hoax, Folklore or just plain Malarkey.

As for what I think, well I'm still digesting all of this.



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To keep my brain active I'm looking forward to my next trip. So much to see yet and not enough time.

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