Photographer assaulted for taking pictures.

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Re: Photographer assaulted for taking pictures.

MrPhotoBob wrote:

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MrPhotoBob wrote:

This is done by our government and almost every other government, I think that they are called drones that are used to spy upon you... But this was on public property, and you should not be doing anything that you shouldn't be doing on public property that you do not wish to have photographed. He was not on private property, but a kid flying his drone plane on a public beach. If you are going to limit people using drone planes to take pictures, you may be limiting people from using cameras on public places taking pictures. What difference is there in a drone plane taking pictures than someone from a high advantage point taking the very same pictures using a very highly powered lens?

As a citizen of your own country, you have your right to state your own opinion on the use of drones for spying, as well as encourage a legislator to introduce legislation. I'm surprised you are bothered by the government's ability to watch you, but not by those who might actually, say, post YouTube videos that people actually see--unlike spy video.

My points were not about this individual, it was contributing to the laws of the various states. There are, in fact, laws that prohibit various kinds of photography, even in public places, at times. The key point here is the expectation of privacy, regardless of one's own activity. How many of us look up for drones? And as stated, the drones can put cameras where people can't be, or at least easily.

To be honest, I am not bothered about someone taking a photograph of me and putting it on YouTube, there is really nothing that I would be ashamed of that I would be doing.... My point is that the lady had no right to place her hands on the guy no matter what he was doing since he was not endangering the life of someone, our government hires people to take care of those type of situations.

I'm not supporting her actions, and never did. I've been assaulted before while working as a newspaper staff photographer, and the police cared more than my own editor! So I don't take that lightly.

My point is not that you, I or someone is doing something wrong, it is the expectation of privacy (think of it as being left alone), which is one of the major aspects of photography and the law. This is something taught in media law and photojournalism classes. Expectation of privacy is something that exists in private and sometimes even in public spaces.

I'm not trying create any bad feelings here, Bob, but photographers need to be part of the discussion. The National Press Photographers Association does a good job advocating for photojournalists on bills, laws and situations.

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