EM-5 locking up. Is this due toe heat?

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Re: EM-5 locking up. Is this due toe heat?

El Chubasco wrote:

Hi. I'm curently in the Yucatan documenting archeological buildings and my EM-5 is having some problems. After taking few pictures the shutter locks up, the viewfinder (or LCD) goes black and I can't operate the camera. Turning off the camera for few minutes allows me to take few more photos before this happens again. The temperatures here are on the upper 90s and I am wondering if this behavior is due to heat. I have never had this situation happening before.

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated. I need to get this job done and this situation is kind of driving me crazy.

It could be heat.

I had a Panasonic G3 that occasionally gave me shutter problems when it was hot.

What colour is your camera? I have a black G5 and a sliver EPL5. when I have both cameras around my neck and out in the heat, the silver coloured EPL5 is a lot cooler to the touch than the black G5. So far, the G5 has not exhibited the same issues as the G3.

A temporary fix for a black body would be to cover the body with white tape.


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