15mm 1.7 is much sharper than the 17mm 1.8!

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Re: 15mm 1.7 is much sharper than the 17mm 1.8!

Peng Bian wrote:

Sorry I couldn't help myself. I know this has probably already been posted within the other thread with the opposite title, but there needs to be some counter-balance to prevent this lens from getting a bad rap on this forum. It's a bipartisan forum dang it!



The perceptual MPix is much higher with the Panny, especially stopped down! Wide open however, the 15mm falls short of the sharpness of the mighty 20mm and is more or less on par with the 17mm. So the 15mm might be a better choice for landscape.

Disclaimer: I have no idea how MPix is measured or any of their methods for obtaining said results, I'm just blindly trusting DXO because they seem pretty legit. At least close to my observations with existing lenses that I own.

15mm 1.7 is much sharper than the 17mm 1.8

Who care`s, the Olympus 17mm is plenty sharp enough for most of us.

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