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You must be kidding

Stephen McDonald wrote:

doctorxring wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

It's amazing to me how many people are brainwashed by the "gotta have it now" mindset being peddled by the consumer manufacturing industry. Especially when most people already have a perfectly serviceable device they can use in the meantime.

Capitalism at it's most beguiling!


That's a fact.

A little faux pas by a retailer that has a track record of exemplary service and people are acting in "righteous indignation" and calling for the axe to fall on them ??



Where would the retail electronics industry be, if it didn't have B & H to set a standard for them? In the jungle of shady operators in their city, they stand out like that proverbial lily in an onion patch.

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You act like B and H invented digital photography. Some people love this retailer so much they act like they are gods. Without capitalism B and H would not exist! These people are great capitalist. Nothing wrong with that.

I suspect the electronics industry would still be alive and well if your B and H did not exist, B and H is simply taking advantage of our demand for digital electronics which is capatalism at it best!

Just look at the site, DPreview, Amazon did not buy it as a public service, it is strictly to make money!

Capitalism at its best.

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