First camera: DSLR or mirrorless

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Re: First camera: DSLR or mirrorless

On a trip to New York, january 2011, i have boought a Olympus E-PL1 (mirrorless). Let's just say that i have been disappointed to have it as my main camera and sold it to buy a Canon 70d last october on another trip to New York (love this city).

So, i guess maybe the mirrorless are good as secondary cameras, not as a main one. Just for me, anyway. Why?

1. First opted for it as it's smaller than the full bodies. Well, i've found out that it is not that small, and for me, to carry it is the same as carry a full body. This one were a decisive factor to sell it and buy a Canon 70d.

2. Less lens/accessories options. If you want to buy a camera with what's in the package, you'll be fine. If you intend to buy new stuff, you have many options, but not as far as how many options full bodies have.

3. I found out that i like optical viewfinders and kinda hate electronic ones.

4. That camera hadn't a tilt screen so i could shoot myself (videos) and see what's on the screen. That sucked as well, and discovered it too late.

Well, that's it. I'd go for the full bodies.

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