Warning to EM-1 users :sunshine into EVF can create indeletable blotches, as confirmed by Olympus.

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Re: A very temporary fix?

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tt321 wrote:

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luisflorit wrote:

Sorry for being late: is there any of the proportion of users in the forum experiencing this problem, and which diopter adjustment the affected users use?

As to the diopter adjustment, the problem should be worst if it is set to zero, i.e., such that a person with perfect vision of perfect glasses can view the EVF with maximum convenience (as though it were at infinity).

I think you'll find that most non-adjustable SLRs had their viewfinders set to position the screen at around 1m viewing distance, not infinity, and that's what the "0" on most adjustable viewfinders corresponds to.

I have never seen any test of what they are actually set to (if not adjustable) or set to at 0 (if adjustable). Have you? If so, I'd be grateful for a reference/link.

And why would they be set to anything but infinity? That's where the eye is most relaxed, right?

So, if I have my signs the right way round, -1 would be the most risky setting. If not, then its +1.

As pressures build, maybe Oly could suggest a diopter to avoid as a very temporary measure?

Would probably not be a good idea if it turns out to be 0 though.

As already indicated, I think it is 0, or close to zero.

Is the VF shaped such that a cover could be quickly fashioned for it?

I think a better idea than a cover would be the one I suggest here:


I was thinking along the lines of self-build rather than involving Olympus.

Well, self-build was at least partly what I had in mind as well. But as to covers, I would think that a piece of black cloth taped to the top of the eyepiece would work pretty well.

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