Which do you like better, my Gimp or Lightroom version

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Re: Which do you like better, my Gimp or Lightroom version

Lake Wobegon wrote:

Don_Campbell wrote:

Of course neither lightroom nor GIMP did the processing. You did the processing, using those tools. Why your images came out looking so different seems to be a matter of inexperience in one or the other app.

I personally find GIMP quite intuitive after having used it since ~1997. (Anything is "intuitive" once you've done it enough times.) On the other hand, In the past several years I've stopped using GIMP for overall image manipulation after processing raws in DPP or RawTherapee.

I favor RawTherapee for most processing because its floating point arithmetic prevents color "knockout" typical of 8-bit per channel processors like GIMP and PS Elements. I use GIMP for end-of-edit tasks like special non-linear processing that works best using layers and layer masks and most sharpening tasks.

I've not tried Lightroom.


I know my way around Gimp but have not done much actual photo processing. I used it more for composites and satire. And I did say that the same effect could be done in either program. I simply said those effects are easier in Lightroom (which you have not used).

Thanks for the reply.

You're welcome.

I intended no offense. I found your comparison confusing since the two images are so different. If the Lightroom result is what you were aiming for, then LR is probably your best tool. Trying to get GIMP to mimic LR seems silly if LR's result is what you want and Windows7 or later is your OS.

Happy shooting,


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