A second body? Same or different?

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Re: Same is pretty compelling, but...

anomalous wrote:

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Right now I have a G6 & GX7 - each for their respective strengths - but I find I prefer the GX7, so I'm going to get another to replace the G6.

The only thing holding me back is that I occasionally find the articulated screen very useful.

Interesting. I found the GX7 looked good on paper, but I failed to hold it in the store. As in, I can't hold the GX7 sufficiently well to take a photograph.

That's part of the reason I got one of each. I really like the G6 ergonomics. Good solid one-handed grip. In use, though, I've found that the GX7 ergonomics don't bug me, and other things make me strongly prefer it. Like the raised edges of the buttons. Working fast in the dark, I can find the GX7 buttons by feel. G6, not so much. Also, the GX7's manual mode Constant Preview, which makes the VF show what the exposure will look like, combined with the better color and higher resolution of the EVF, gives me a much better view of what I'm going to get. I shoot in manual mode a lot. I also like having IBIS for my unstabilized primes. I really hope a future G7 will incorporate these elements.

I like the idea of a GX7 + 14-140 MkII as a vacation camera, with an LX7 or similar as backup. But, I like to make and sell large prints, so for top IQ I still carry two bodies and two zooms or one body and three zooms in a Tamrac Rally 4 shoulder bag. I frequently walk all day with this kit and do not find it burdensome.

If I thought I could live with a 14-140 or 14-150, I'd just do that. But that would mean not using the 12-40 and that would be awful! How could I leave that lens behind?

Back to the topic at hand, for leisurely use I like the suggestion someone posted about having a small second body on the 100-300 and putting it on auto. Might even put it on "sports" scene mode. You'll want to make sure that these modes work with RAW. An alternative to a GM1 might be a GX1, which provides a bit better grip, more controls, the option of adding an EVF, and very decent IQ, in a package that's slightly smaller than a GX7.

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