Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses?

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Photographic equivalence

Add this link as well :

About ISO : if you have a M43 f/1.4 lens which provides equivelence with f/2.8 on a FF (equivalence as defiened above), since 1.4 is a lower F-number than 2.8, you need less ISO (4 times less) to reach the same exposure with the same shutter speed. FF sensors have much better sensitivities, but they need to use much higher ISO to provide M43 equivalent pictures.

As said before, the problem is that you don't have many f/1.4 or less M43 lenses. And if you are looking for f/1.8 FF equivalence, you just can't do it with existing m43 lenses.

IMO, the OP choice relies on his need of equivalent apertures greater than f/2.8 or f/4 when in FF (depending on the FL and availability of M43 lenses). If the OP can't live with f/4 (FF speaking), then M43 is not well suited. If he can, then he won't get any trouble with M43. I had a similar reasoning before moving from NEX to M43 : since I always can easily do with apretures like f/2.4 in APSC, I'll always find equally or faster equivalent M43 lenses. And I spare money as well as weight.

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