* FZ1000: the Morph. IS IT FOR YOU? *

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* FZ1000: the Morph. IS IT FOR YOU? *

Unlike those who see Panasonic’s latest incarnation of bridge camera as some long-awaited replacement for the FZ50 (which I’ll reiterate yet again already came by way of the FZ100, 150 and then 200), I prefer to view the FZ1000 as exactly what it appears to be on the outside. Yep, although I can’t speak for everyone, to my eyes the new kid scheduled to hit retail outlets around the latter part of July is a morph between the FZ and GH series, undoubtedly designed and manufactured primarily to not only compete with the Sony RX10s and Olympus Stylus 1s of this world, but to trump these and all other would-be manufacturers into submission for at least the next 12 months and maybe even longer.

Stick the FZ1000 alongside the GH4 and you can see from exactly where the outer casing of this latest model has stemmed, so let's forget any direct comparison to the ancient FZ30/50. Well, I mean, with its Pinocchio-protruding-style electronically toggle/barrel-ring operated lens, how could the brand spanking new FZ1000 be even remotely mistaken as a direct upgrade of the so-called golden oldie with the fully manual, non-extending and discrete zoom that was considered the be all and end all for many FZ50 purists?

Now, come on all you FZ50 fans, either you like motorised zooms that everyone can physically see extend beyond their casings or you don’t! There’s no half-way house here. And just because the FZ1000’s optical focal length’s been pegged back to 400mm and the new model boasts a much larger sensor, well that can hardly be enough to imply that the 1000 is any less of an upgrade to the 100, 150 and 200 than it is for the 50.

Truth is, regardless of the design, they are (or at least were) ALL Flagship models in the FZ range. It’s just that to me, the new 1000 looks so different to any other FZ I’ve ever seen that I wouldn’t have been surprised had Panasonic labelled it as something like a GZ. I guess, however, that the company will have wanted to pitch the 1000 to the healthy market already established and commanded by the FZ range for many a year.

Still, no matter how we view the FZ1000, there’s no doubt that it is generating interest by the day and looks set to be well-received on its release.

So, to the main reason of this post, which is to ask readers whether they’ll be buying the FZ1000, or if they’ll be giving the model a miss, for whatever reason? Please feel free to indicate your enthusiasm or non-enthusiasm below.

Regards and happy shooting to all Panasonic forum users…

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