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kufuxul wrote:


As someone who doesn't own any DSLR and is not bound to Canon/Nikon lens system, should my first camera be DSLR or mirrorless?

My budget is 600$ and was leaning towards Canon T3i/Nikon D3200 until I found this article: which started me thinking about buying some mirrorless camera, as perhaps they are the future and will offer better options (lenses etc.) in couple years?

The EF-M lenses for Canon's EOS M uses the same electronic lens interface as their EF-S and EF lenses. This means that with an EF/EF-S to EF-M adapter everone of the over 10 million EOS lenses Canon has made in the last 25 years will operate with full functionality on any future Canon mirrorless camera.

Due to their current limitations mirrorless camera just aren't selling well in North America and Europe. There biggest advantage small size is seen as a disadvantage in a market where the better more expensive cameras were always bigger.

In my opinion Canon has all the components of a mirrorless camera that could match the functionality of a dSLR, Dual Pixel AF sensor, EF-M mount, and 2.36MP EVF from the G1X II. There just has to be a market for it.

I'm in the minority of those that would like to see Canon put all of those together in a pro level mirrorless 7D Mk II.

Apart from future perspectives, will mirrorless camera offer same quality as T3i/D3200 in the same price range or will I be trading quality for portability? If so, what model should I take?

Mirrorless cameras still lag dSLRs in tracking faster moving subjects moving towards or away from the camera. And some mirrorless viewfinders black out or lag when taking multiple photos. Other than that mirrorless cameras can match the performance of dSLRS. Keep in mind mirrorless lenses tend to be more expensive, so your final kit cost can be much higher with some mirrorless systems (i.e. Fuji)

Also, Canon/Nikon have established lens systems which are more than likely to be compatible with newest models... can the same be said about mirrorless cameras? If so, what system should I buy into?

I'd appreciate your help!

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