Circular Polarizer (CPL) for undecided... (my experience)

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Circular Polarizer (CPL) for undecided... (my experience)

... as I was for years.Finally I decided to buy it just two days before my trip to Edinburgh ( and make some real tests there before my planned vacation's trip to Mosel Valley. Theoretically I knew all what could be find about CPL in internet, but I was wonder its influence on my shots. The first results are spectacular to me and I'd like to share them with you. Perhaps it will help somebody to take its own decision. Of course you will not find anything new in my post, but this is my personal experience.
The first typical example - foliage. Without CPL it's cold, shining, looking badly:

...and with CPL - with no doubt much, much better, vivid, no need more comments. Resoult unobtainable in postprocessing.

The second example doesn't need comments too.

Without CPL:

With CPL:

More subtle effects are ilustrated on the two next examples. The first pair of pictures ilustrates, how eliminating of reflections from the water (blue cast) improves the picture. Again not obtainable in postprocessing.

Eliminating of blue cast from the water:

Two pictures next ilustrate the effect of improving of the contrast and saturation of the picture thanks to CPL. Both (like all presented here) were taken in RAW and very subtle postprocessing was applied, similar in both, limited to little tonal corrections.
The first one, taken without CPL, needs further work on contrast, saturation etc. and the final result can be much better of course:

The second one, taken with CPL, can also be improved, but it is much better starting point and the final result will be significantly better, than in the first case I guess:

Presented above samples and comparisions doesn't prettend to be scientific in any way. The scenes were not especially selected. It's simply me personal experience in real photo outing with first time usage of CPL, which lead me to the conclusion, that it was a very good buy.


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