First camera: DSLR or mirrorless

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I don't think so

Alphoid wrote:

Most of those downsides, except dynamic range, apply to LCDs, not to EVFs. LCDs do not work well in bright sunlight. However, EVFs, like OVFs do.

What I said was, "I also find shadow/highlight detail much easier to see with an OVF compared with an EVF; again, this is particularly true on sunny days." This varies with the quality of the EVF, of course, but even highly regarded ones have difficulty retaining highlight and/or shadow detail when compared with an optical DSLR viewfinder.  Not only my eyes see this; reviews of cameras with highly regarded EVF's also note that they don't yet match an OVF in this particular attribute.

Indeed, one of the major upsides of an EVF, for me, is the ability to review photos in bright sunlight. With a dSLR, I cannot do it until I find shade, or a computer, or similar.

Yes, there are features and advantages to an EVF that can't be matched by an OVF.  For me, those don't offset the better visibility of the scene in front of me that I get with an OVF-equipped DSLR, but everyone's eyes and needs are different.

It's a personal preference either way.

Absolutely.  Since it hadn't been mentioned previously in the thread, I just wanted to OP to think about this aspect of the buying decision.  I don't know if he has a similar store in his area, but the local shop I visit is happy to let customers take display models outside to see if they like how the viewfinders and screens work for them.

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