A second body? Same or different?

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Re: different.

anomalous wrote:

So there's my array of choices laid out:

1. save money and buy nothing (I would hate this as I would miss plenty of shots changing lenses)

2. buy a 2nd E-M1 during the "cheap" time, i.e. now

3. buy a G6 and score some cheap additional lenses

4. buy a GH4 and consider my E-M1 the backup

5. buy a GM1 "enhanced rear lens cap"

What do you think? Can I go wrong with any of these options?

In a system with two vendors it makes sense IMO to know what the other vendor is doing.

If you are shooting for money, then get 2nd back-up E-M1. Nothing else makes sense.

If you are shooting for pleasure, then my advice would be to buy camera from the other vendor.

The simple truth is, O&P do different things differently and thus has their own strong points. With Pana you get good video. With Oly you get IBIS. Pana favors simplicity, while Oly's menus allow to customize a hell out of the camera: but sometimes simplicity "just works" while one often one can't stop tweaking setting. Pana has full e-shutter/silent mode - Oly now has EFCS (electronic first curtain shutter). Pana cameras have better grips - Oly favors flatter bodies (E-M1 is the only exception). Pana has cameras with fully articulated LCD - Oly still hasn't.

Depending on your priorities, I'd say go for the G6 (prio: cheap all-rounder second camera) or the GM1(prio: take anywhere camera). GH4 - only if you have the money and want the latest and the greatest.

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