Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

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Re: Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

TQGroup wrote:

HSway wrote:

What I am getting from my observations is that the focus roll-off touched in the other, now149p, thread is unusually long, gradual and the bokeh quality reminds of some semi-transparent mist slowly thickening up that produces minimum to no imperfections during this, for the bokeh, not so easy phase. The tendency is also easy to spot in this example.

This seems to be a standout feature of the lens’ oof rendering; the extended early and continuing transition towards the maximum blur and its specific, very gradual mist-like character during its duration. It will be rendered specifically in each scene and will have the effect either reduced or emphasised depending on the geometry and DOF relations. In some case especially, it gives a unique feel to the image. For example this scene shot with 24-70 @58/2.8 would be, I am sure, nicely rendered as well. But the first transition zones would have been more rapid (from the 58’ point of view: underdeveloped) and the rendering would be more prone to the imperfect bokeh interactions in that short zone. At maximum blur the bokeh would be strong from the 24-70, creamy and smooth. There would still be, I reckon, some visible difference to the 58G’ bokeh execution but the type of the difference would be more on the subjective side compared to the mostly tangible difference for the earlier transition zones. The development of the said transitions will be depending on the scene’s character as will be its special characteristic and the overall impression but it definitely seems unique. Whether always 'better', more 3D or whatever is open to the interpretations and assessment as the more compression in that transition space can give its own required, in some instances favoured, powerful effect. Regardless of that the 58G’s growing reputation is also based on the bokeh quality aspect alone (say the typical far background instance) and I think it’s the combination of both properties that makes it a specific lens with often hard-to-copy look valued for its aesthetical virtues.

Another face of the optics is that it’s also predicated for, say, more conventional tasks at longer distances whereas at the beginning it was perceived more like an outsider in that area. Personally 'this addition' we seem to be getting first experience and even data about makes me personally respect the lens more - it makes it much more versatile and useful in my view.

+ 1

Very well analysed and explained. And the value of this lens to the cognocenti - pricesless!!

Andrew absolutely not difficult to see its value that way for me. glad we agree, btw. Thanks

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