Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

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Re: Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

Stacey_K wrote:

HSway wrote:

What I am getting from my observations is that the focus roll-off touched in the other, now149p, thread is unusually long, gradual and the bokeh quality reminds of some semi-transparent mist slowly thickening up that produces minimum to no imperfections during this, for the bokeh, not so easy phase. The tendency is also easy to spot in this example.

This seems to be a standout feature of the lens’ oof rendering; the extended early and continuing transition towards the maximum blur and its specific, very gradual mist-like character during its duration.

Right, it's not as much simply the bokeh in the background, it's the way this lens transitions so smoothly from in focus to OOF. This scene shot with many lenses would show very obviously where the focus ends and the OOF starts. In this shot, it's so smooth you don't really even notice it has happened.The cat shot in this thread shows this too.

Clearly some people can't see this and think this lens is just a hyped up overpriced profit center for nikon. Just as clearly, these people are not who this lens was designed for, nor should they purchase it. They'd be MUCH happier with something like the sigma art.

I don’t want to distract this thread with much of debates which was also a reason I was thinking whether to post at all. Well each of us determines the value of a lens for him/herself. There is not much to discuss with others for analyzing it from all possible angles. That is going separate from the technical debates about the manufacturing cost, marketing, sales strategy etc.

When this stirs heated debates it can be annoying to users, obviously most of them don’t see the subject issues that acute or may even see them as no issues at all.

Doesn’t help that Nikon put itself into a concentrated spot light of a certain kind during the last two years and that isn’t really working for them. It took some efforts and talent to achieve that but they pressed continuously to finely see the "rewards". They should have probably read forums when some said years ago what they now announce as a news (not that I get such act anyway).

Happier with the Sigma. Well you considered it seriously as well. Though you must be happy about how it turned out eventually for you with the 58G. Hard to tell, it sounds like another generalization of another exceptional lens but yea, the cost is less prohibitive and the sales strategy completely different but it also is within completely different context regarding these two companies. Nikon also delivered a very suitable fit (lens) for it (context), in a good sense of this word. What’s also slightly different is that the Sigma’s outlook re the greatness of their products seems generally a lot clearer whereas for Nikon this got a bit murkier. So Nikon has to make sure that the advantage of that context lives on. I am sure, and that is not a polite talk but something more like a felt certainty, that it will and it also is sending signals in that tone. We need genuine products from Nikon, and not only products.

The 50mm Sigma A and the 58G are quite different lenses, some may keep both for that very reason. All I have seen so far suggests that the 58G is a bit more than just a tweaked lens for that close-up objective. If performs as examples and the data suggest over the longer distance ranges with the field flat and high resolution, this combination of deliberately designing opposing characteristics is imo an achievement beyond 'a simple tweak' and is deserving some price tag to reflect that. That will still not make it 'Sigma 50 Art’s marketing', and again these are different levels of production channels, but it puts it a fair bit closer for the reason to accept it. So I won’t be surprised if a great many people saw high value in this lens.

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