RX100 turn on in by itself belt holder drain battery, anyone know why?

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Re: RX100 turn on in by itself belt holder drain battery, anyone know why?

Hi everyone

This reply is for those who have problems like the Battery drainage, camera malfunctioning, switching on and off even when the camera's power is switched off. Even Sony could not sort the problem out.

I bought a similar camera from eBay, which developed this issue. I wrote to Sony, got the same answer as everyone, telling me to initialise and reset the camera, but the issue never goes away. It is their manufacturing fault.

The problem is basically related to Review button. It appears that Review button is too close to the internal electronics of the camera, hence it powers the camera randomly. I can confirm this as I have been successful in repairing this by replacing the back of this faulty camera with the back from another working camera ( I happened to have another similar camera).

Therefore look for another faulty Rx100 camera on eBay, cheap, with a working back/ screen. Replacing the backs are quite easy, only 2 ribbon cables to pull and put back.....!

Good Luck if you decide to take this route..!!!

BTW, I do other things for hobby, if you are keen to find out, just type the following in Google and go to infrared section: vermatec ir



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