Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

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Re: Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

alabaster wrote:

clarnibass wrote:

Clearly some people can't see this and think this lens is just a hyped up overpriced profit center for nikon. Just as clearly, these people are not who this lens was designed for, nor should they purchase it. They'd be MUCH happier with something like the sigma art.

Some people can see that but still don't think it's worth it.

Absolutely. I can see that this is a great lens, but I still say it can be manufactured pretty cheaply, and Nikon is screwing us for the image quality because they are suffering low margins elsewhere in their lineup where competition is fierce. There is no competition for this lens. If you want this particular rendering, then only this lens will do it. Ergo, "screw up the price and make some profit where we can".

Geoff, in any product portfolio there are "dogs" and "stars". The motivation for a company like Nikon to make a "controversial" lens that doesn't perform well on MTF charts is primarily profit. Otherwise, the R&D cost and effort would not be sanctioned and we would never have this gem of a lens. Instead, all we would get would be boring "sure and steady" no-risk products... like the ones always championed by internal accountants! 

Having been an early adopter, IMHO, this lens is that good and is worth the money.

Can I say it again, the images shown above are magnificent (mostly) - If only more people could access this lens it would be wonderful.

I would like to access a Porsche 911 and a Ferrari Italia too...

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