Wildlife shooting? Ditch your m43 Panny and buy a Superzoom!

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arbuz wrote:

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arbuz wrote:

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For 400mm EFL, you want to be in APS-C. A 300mm consumer zoom (usually 55-300 or 70-300) will give you 450mm EFL and better image quality, all other things being the same.

What will be the same? F-stop min 5.6. Quality for 300mm zoom at the end is not great. AF speed questionable. 4K for captures? Forget it. Size? Bigger.

What are you looking for in a small aperture?


If it's shallow DoF, a superzoom with a smallish sensor won't give you that. And I don't think AF performance can be directly predicted from the sensor size

No, but it can be directly predicted by technology Panasonic is using for AF which is the same as in GH4.

Well, tbh, I don't know what point you're trying to argue. The OP was complaining that GH4 is not giving him what he's looking for, and linked that statement to a particular 100-300mm lens. So both the OP and I agree that the GH4 and FZ1000 will be different beasts. I'm just sceptical that the difference will be in the direction he seems to expect. You, however, seem to think that the cameras will be about the same...? It might help to be a little less terse in your replies, or maybe that is the point...

- for that, you really have to wait for test results. Btw, 4k does not magically depend on sensor size either.

I did not say that.

Like I said: terseness.

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