A second body? Same or different?

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A second body? Same or different?

It looks like I'll be fortunate enough to take a long tourist trip in a few months' time.  This has made me look closely at my camera gear!

On my last big trip, my E-5, 12-60 and 50-200 produced great photos, but I soon tired of carrying the 50-200 and left it in my room.  I bought a compact zoom (Panasonic travel zoom) to replace that focal range and just lived with the loss of quality in the photos.  Even the E-5 + 12-60 started to get me down and frequently my hands would ache from holding it.  But that's old stuff...

I now have an E-M1 + 12-40 + Panasonic 100-300.  This combination produces lovely images and if I use the HLD-7 grip it's juuuust big enough to hold.  Sorted?  Not quite.

The remaining down side is changing lenses.  I've long been sick of changing lenses and missing shots because of how long it takes, risking lenses and camera by fumbling, and often turning around and finding the group has moved on and I'm left behind.

I suppose I could buy a 14-150 and ignore the image quality but if I bought a 2nd body, I think my lens changing problems would be solved.  But which body?

A 2nd E-M1 would seem ideal.  I would automatically get a 2nd charger and compatible battery.  It would have identical feel, behaviour and settings to my primary camera.  And in my part of the world, for the rest of this month, Olympus is offering a sweet cash back deal.

But I recall that back when I was buying the E-M1, both the Panasonic GH3 and G6 felt better in my hand than the E-M1.  The G6 is cheaper than the E-M1 even with the cash back, and I could get it with some bundled (low end) lenses if I felt like it.

The GH4 seems like it's an upgrade over the E-M1, so perhaps the answer is to get one and consider the E-M1 the backup body.

Finally, the Panasonic GM1 is so small it has a trick that is almost magic: it can fit in my bag attached to the 100-300 as if it's a fat rear cap!  Apparently it can take good pictures, so why not get one?

So there's my array of choices laid out:

- save money and buy nothing (I would hate this as I would miss plenty of shots changing lenses)

- buy a 2nd E-M1 during the "cheap" time, i.e. now

- buy a G6 and score some cheap additional lenses

- buy a GH4 and consider my E-M1 the backup

- buy a GM1 "enhanced rear lens cap"

What do you think?  Can I go wrong with any of these options?

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