D800 vs Cannon 5D Mark III for beginner

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An expensive camera is not going to magically make up for lack of knowledge and experience. A good photographer can get better photos from a point and shoot camera than a novice can get with the most expensive camera one can buy.

There is a serious weight and bulk penalty paid for using full frame cameras instead of a APS-C camera (like a D3300) or a 4/3 camera such as the ones from Olympus and Panasonic. Do you want a 10 lb. camera kit hung off your shoulder as that is the price one pays for full frame.

Cameras like the D3300 are designed for use by novices and so they have a lot more auto modes and settings to make it easy to shoot closeups, back lit portraits, sunsets, etc. whereas with a camera like the 5D Mark III or D800 the camera settings need to be made by the knowledgeable user to get equivalent results.

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