Which do you like better, my Gimp or Lightroom version

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Re: Which do you like better, my Gimp or Lightroom version

Lake Wobegon wrote:

I guess the third choice would be neither - go back to the beginning. To be fair I suppose the dramatic detail could be done in either program but Lightroom is so easy to make the changes.

Anthony Morganti has Youtube tutorials that are down right awesome for learning Lightroom.

This was processed with Gimp

processed with Gimp

This was done with Lightroom

Processed in Lightroom

I agree with those who would go somewhere in between. I use neither Gimp nor Lightroom, but do use Photoshop CS and this is how I would interpret the image (using your GIMP image without having seen the original light it was photographed in):

Processed in Photoshop with a slight bit more dimension added to the GIMP image. The Lightroom image to me has too much contrast at all levels and has also shifted in the blue channel. I've done that often enough my self and had to pull back some. One of the benefits of using adjustment layers is that you can easily compare effects by turning the layers off and on.

Your mileage, of course, may vary.


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