Best time to invest in Olympus?

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Re: Best time to invest in Olympus?

applecake wrote:

Hi all,

I'm purchasing a gift for my father for father's day. He's always been into photography but he's never had a great camera - I think the M4/3 system will be the best place to start, especially with so many lens options and high-quality bodies. I settled on the Olympus OMD EM-1 as the best option.

However, I was wondering - the EM-1 came out almost a year ago. Are there any plans for a revision or a new model coming out in the next couple of months? If so, I can postpone it a couple months if it means he'll have a new model to play around with.

Even if they announced a new model tomorrow, it would take 6 months to get into the stores.

Amazes me how many people here talk about investment but never consider the "cost of opportunity". If you have the camera you will use it to deliver opportunities, which are of significant value in themselves.  If you don't buy it, or delay buying it, those opportunities and their value are gone: an irrecoverable loss!

Many year ago I bought a sports car. After 6 months someone offered me around 25% more than the purchase price to buy it off me. (They were limited production models.) I didn't take the offer and within a year the used value had dropped well below the purchase price. Was that a poor investment? No way! When I finally did part with it after 10 years I'd had more satisfaction than any mere financial investment could ever have provided.

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