Separate forums for A7/A7R/A7S Full Frame and NEX/A3000/A6000 Crop Frame

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Jerry Fusselman
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Re: Data after 115 hours

captura wrote:

Jerry Fusselman wrote:

Jerry Fusselman wrote:

Jerry Fusselman wrote:

Camley wrote:

The real question is whether there are enough people with a7, a7r and a7s cameras to maintain a lively forum.

Let's address the question with some data: I'll start collecting now and see where we are in a few days or weeks.

Looking at the number of posts started in each category of E-mount camera, I find these totals as of today, a few minutes ago (about 8:20pm Chicago time, 9 June 2014):

Sony NEX cameras: 14939 = 6695+2765+2589+1137+535+459+252+216+159+132

Sony Alpha cameras for E mount (a#000): 1629 = 1560+67+2

Sony Alpha cameras for FE mount (a7/a7r/a7s0): 4617 = 2644+1896+77

I expect this third category, the full-frame category, to be lively both in the near future and the longer run, but we'll see by the numbers, okay? We'll reserve judgement until we see the number of threads started in each category from now on.

41 hours later, we have [...] with net results so far

NEX +8 (mostly for the NEX-6)

Alpha E +19 (mostly for the alpha a6000)

Alpha FE + 23 (all three models increased as you might expect)

So the Alpha FE new posts account for 46%, so far. That's a good sign for Camley's concern about adequate liveliness of an FE forum.

We might wait a bit to see how this plays out with more data, but so far Alpha FE posts are perhaps surprisingly plentiful during this time with the Alpha a6000 being by far the "most popular camera" on DPR.

115 hours after we started, we have these totals:

NEX: 14968 = 6703+2778+2590+1140+535+462+252+216+159+133

Alpha E: 1696 = 1625+69+2

Alpha FE: 4684 = 2679+1921+84

Thus, the net results so far are

NEX +29

Alpha E +67

Alpha FE +67

So the Alpha FE new posts account for 41%, so far. That's a good sign for Camley's concern about adequate liveliness of an FE forum.

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Jerry Fusselman

So 41% of the posts are by A7/r owners but APS-C owners outnumber FF owners by a ratio of 2:1.

2:1?  No. You'd need 33% instead of 41% for 2:1.  The A7s is coming out soon, and more FE lenses too.  I imagine the FF percentage will continue to rise.  Nine months ago, the FF percentage was zero.

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