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Re: mirrorless fullframe?

steve ohlhaber wrote:

Would there be any improvement in the lens design if we had mirrorless full frame cameras?

What do you mean by *if*? Eg Sony a7, a7R, a7S; Leica M240.

I thought the idea behind mirrorless was not just to make the camera smaller, but with a reduced distance to the film plane, you could make a higher quality lens smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Of course, you would require an entirely new series of lenses, but it seems like that's the next step if these evfs start to really be good.

Reducing the flange distance is a two-edged sword. It allows the use of lenses made for a variety of cameras, but the off-perpendicular angle from the exit pupil to the corner of the frame increases the closer the pupil is to the image plane. Short flange distance doesn't mean you have to move the exit pupil close to th eimae plane, though. Short flange distance means there's room for adapters, and a couple of adapters for the alpha 7 line support AF.

If you look at the Sony FE lenses, they aren't particularly smaller, lighter, or cheaper than equivalent lenses for FF DSLR's. Compare the Sony FE 70-200 f/4 to the Nikon one, for example.


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