Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

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Re: Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

Leon Wittwer wrote:

BruceB609 wrote:

I should put a word in for those who insist on the OVF over the qualities of an EVF. The OVF is as good as it will ever get. EVF is still relatively young and it's already incredibly good. I saw the huge advantage of the EVF when you get so much control with it, live information, fine focusing, tone curves, color options, black and white with "contrast filter effects"... I'm sure I only listed a few of many. I'm using an Olympus VF-4 on a Pen and it's a very, very serious alternative to using a full frame OVF. After all, I still have an old multi-frame Wetzlar finder that will pop onto the Pen and gives me an even older OVF option. I don't think I'll need it though. Times have changed and I wish Nikon had done the same.


I'm not so sure. I think that there can be too much information and it can distract from the things you have to do when you take a shot. I shoot raw and a number of the things you mention can better be done in the digital darkroom where I can take the time to consider many more options for processing. I get better images when I concentrate on composition, focus, DoF, exposure, etc. in the field and defer other decisions to the digital darkroom.

I'm not really commenting on OVF vs EVF. I'm just suggesting that having a ton of information in the viewfinder is not necessarily best particularly if you shoot raw. If you shoot jpg, than the case you make is stronger.

I can control how much or what info appears in the EVF. I'd agree that any info in the finder can be distracting. I'm usually aware of what I'm doing and Olympus does seem to always want to remind me of shutter speed and aperture just as I press the release but that's a display option firmware issue that other EVF mirrorless cameras may differ with. At least the finder can be on "image only" while framing the shot and that's critical for me. I just don't care for any distracting interruption, even on pressing the release. The instant review of the shot just taken can be informative enough and even then, the review info has selectable options. This is where EVF does offer a lot and reassures that I probably got what I wanted. I also like to frame in black and white, if that's the final objective, because black and white can alter the appearance of a color frame and even call for adjustment in the composition... not to mention I can preview the b&w filter choices and tone curve effects, even when shooting RAW + JPEG where I may rethink things in the RAW development. The advantage of shooting the JPEG in b&w to start with is because I'm on site, meditating the composition in black and white and a step ahead in figuring out RAW development, a big advantage. Many JPEG shots didn't need refinement.

I shoot JPEG + RAW most of the time. I will say that Olympus renders a very good and honest JPEG. In more challenging shots, I love RAW developing. It can certainly make the success of a shot regardless of finder choices.

One other note on the OVF, I've used many going back to aligning a needle in the hole metering and the split image screens that would compete amongst themselves, remember? I've even used that ridiculous thing on top of Canon's G15 (once or twice anyway... I confess). My favorite and most useful OVF was undoubtedly a Leica range finder because I could actually see what was coming in and going out of the capture frame. Beyond Leica digital, I believe Fujifilm is the only option with that today. The focusing was miraculously good for its time. Still, maybe it had one other asset that may influence this debate. It was mirrorless.

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